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Muskogee's Wild Card Band: Home

Welcome to the website for Muskogee's Wild Card Band! We've been together since 1998 and have all been playing music since the mid 70's. Our repertoire covers most genres of music and lists over 300 songs from Rock, Pop, Disco, Blues, R & B, Country, Western Swing, and other styles, as well as original compositions. Enjoy meeting the band and see what's coming up on our schedule through this website. Please sign our guestbook along the way, and we hope to get the chance to perform for you soon!

Friday, January 20th, 2017

Max's Garage

The Neverly Brothers!? - 9-ish

116 N Main St.
Muskogee Oklahoma 74401
US (918)682-0500
Price: I dunno

Those Minstrels of Mayhem, those Bards of Bawdy, those Crazy Nashville Nutjobs the Neverly Brothers are gonna be at Max's Garage!!??!!

Woody, the co-leader of this band of miscreants has requested us to be the rhythm section for their show.


WARNING! Not for the shy or bashful! If you are easily offended by blue humor, this one you may want to sit out!! They've been described as Merle Haggard meets Redd Foxx!! I'm sure we'll keep it on the down low for a little while, but once the first one hits, you'll know whether you're with the big dogs or going home with the porch puppies!

Saturday, January 21st, 2017

Cherokee Casino - Ft. Gibson

First show at Fort Gibson for 2017!! - 9:00 pm

115 N. Georgetown Road
Ft. Gibson Oklahoma 74434
Uni 918-207-3662
Price: It's FREE!!!!

This kicks off our 2017 performance schedule with the Cherokee Casino in Fort Gibson!!  We're glad to be back!!

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

The Oklahoma Music Hall Of Fame

Funding the Merle!! - 7:00 PM

401 S. 3rd Street
Muskogee Oklahoma 74401
US 918-687-0800
Price: $5 (I think)

We're gonna be pulling a few interesting tricks out for this show! First of all, all proceeds (that would normally be the pay for the band) that we can bring through that door will go to the Merle Haggard memorial statue fund!! Oh, we'll set out a tip jar to see if we can raise some gas money, but anything the door collects we're donating!! Come and be a part of the effort to get this statue done!!

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