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Muskogee's Wild Card Band: Music

The Oklahoma Garden Tractor Puller Association Blues

(Muskogee's Wild Card Band)
"We don't cut grass but we're havin' fun win or lose - we've got the Oklahoma Garden Tractor Puller Association Blues." When Jerry began building Greenbean, I told Eddie, "There's gotta be a song in here somewhere!" He worked on it for a couple of weeks, and played it for me and Jerry while we were waiting out a rainstorm in Cushing, OK. Eddie was the driver for TEAM GREEN BEAN in 2005 (you can see some footage of Eddie's driving abilities in our DVD), and he wound up with the points championship. Anyway, we went to Cushing for a pull, and the rain started. So, Eddie pulls out his acoustic and says, "See what you think about this...."