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Muskogee's Wild Card Band: News

Feedback - January 10, 2012

Johnny here.

We got a note from a client whose daughter got married New Years Eve. Ther bride had seen us at her cousin's wedding and she insisted we do her wedding as Lawton. The happy mother of the bride wrote these nice words...

"Eddie & John & Wild Card Band, Thank You for spending your New Year's Eve with us making our daughter's wedding reception what she dreamed it should be. We appreciate all of your hard work making the evening so enjoyable for our family and guests. Signed, Jerry and Jan Siler & Vanessa and Wes Wolverton" (Vanessa was the bride).

As a small side note I want to add that halfway through the first song, the building, along with about half of the city of Lawton, lost power. The sax player and I kept playing until the power came back up, and the crowd just kept right on dancing along with us. What a night!

Opening for Kansas!!! - April 8, 2009

We will have the honor of being the opening act for Kansas at our 30 year reunion on Saturday, September 5th!! This will be the first in a long time of opening for a major act...the last one, I think, was Dr. Hook - back in the 90's. Quite the feather for our caps!!!

Whew!!! i made it!!! - March 29, 2009

We got finished with my drum tracks yesterday and pianist-guitarist friend Greg Guererro came in to lay some tracks down with it, too at Neverlyville Studios. Steve (Thomas) has set up a great sudio and the work was a lot of fun. I found out that the Tulsa area got a bit of snow while I was away (6"!!!!), but most had melted by the time I drove up to the house. Next up is the Fundraiser/campout Friday in Tahlequah, then Saturday Night at Roxie's.I can hardly wait!

Music City!! - March 27, 2009

Well, it's been two days here at Murfreesboro and Neverlyville Studios. We've made some progress and are just goin back in to work on some more stuff. I'm gonna hate to see the end of this trip. I really like this part of the country.

Moving along.... - March 3, 2009

Well, we had another fun time at the Osage in sand Springs Saturday night, and we're heading to the Bartlesville Casino this coming Saturday. I'd really like to find a place close by for camping when we go to this one occasionally. I must apologize here to one of our fans from Sand Springs. She really likes "Ground Shaker" from the CD and has requested we play it a few times now. The trouble is, we haven't really played it since we recorded the CD two years ago, so we'll have to re-learn that one for our next visit to Sand Springs. We're going to go to the Creek Nation Casino in Muskogee this Thursday for a talent search competition. I entered a Karaoke contest there last year and they called me to see if I would be interested in competing in this event. Since this event is for musical groups (not Karaoke) I talked to the guys and we're a go. It starts at 7:00 pm, but I don't know what time we'll be going up to do our 1 song. Eddie and Bill are going to Max's Garage after we leave the stage to perform with the Grease Monkeys starting at about 9 or so, so we'll be up hopefully before 8:00. The competition will be four elimination rounds each Thursday in March, with a final for the top five qualifiers from each round competing on April 2nd for the final. If we win an elimination round and the final, that would be great, but we're also hoping we can get our foot in the door at Muskogee for some bookings as well. March 14th we're off (so far) and we'll be back at Sand Springs on the 21st before I make my trek to Music City for a recording project and maybe some Tennessee trout fishing. April 4th brings us to Roxie's Roost on the river in Tahlequah, probably camping and fishing there, if the weather is nice enough. April 11th we'll be back at Sand Springs for another round, and then the 18th takes us to Tulsa for a fundraiser at Rucker's Warehouse. More as they arrive....

dates are coming along! - February 17, 2009

With the exception of the cancelling of our 2-21 performance at Roxie's, the dates are coming through and it promises to be another fabulous year. Our salute to the British Invasion was a "smashing" success, and the comments are starting to drift in from the grapevine. We've recieved accolades from the great Rocky Frisco who was in case you didn't know, Rocky is a member of the list of outstanding sidemen responsible for the "Tulsa Sound" of the mid and late sixties through the early to mid seventies that gained so much poularity that Eric Clapton wound up hiring Rocky, amongst many, to record and or perform. Rocky currently performs with several of the artists in Tulsa including Tom Skinner, and was a part of the collaborative production of "The Road to Escondido" by John "J.J." Cale and Calpyon a couple of years ago. We also saw several of our friends from the Muskogee Country Club at the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame that night, as well as some of my classmates from High School. I think we made some new friends there that night as well, and we're looking forward to some residual gigs from our meager efforts there.

1 month down - February 2, 2009

We finished off January with a fabulous time at the Osage Million Dollar Elm Casino this past weekend!!! Thanks to all who attended for the kindness!! And a giant thank you to the folks in Sand Springs who drove over to Tulsa just to see us!!! We're looking forward to seeing you at Sand Springs on the 28th!! next up is the "British Invasion" concert in Muskogee on the 14th at the Music Hall of Fame, followed by the trip to Tahlequah and Roxie's on the river!!! Ya'll come and see us now!!!!

Off to a great start!! - January 16, 2009

2009 looks to be as exciting and bustling as 2008 so far!!! The Osage Million Dollar Elm Casinos have begun with several bookings for the first quarter and more to come as the year progresses! The first round goes to the Tulsa location on Jan. 30th and 31st. Meanwhile, back on the home front, we're retuning to the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame for a salute to the British Invasion as an exhibit of memorabilia rolls through on St. Valentine's Day, and we'll be making a return trip to Roxie's Roost (now under new ownership) on the following Saturday (the 21st). Februaury 28th you can see a show at Osage's Sand Springs facility, as well as March 21st and April 11th!!! The Bartlesville location will be welcoming us on March the 7th, and a fundraiser at the Rucker warehouse in Tulsa is where we'll be on April 18th. More in the worx, stay tuned! Oh, AND, I've been "summoned" to make a trip to Nashville to do some studio drumming for an old friend who's working on a CD project there...probably mid or late March. I'll let you know how it works out..

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