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Muskogee's Wild Card Band: Photos

Ron really tore it up!
Our alter-ego bluegrass band, Hieronymus Pleck and the Chicken Creek Dance Kings (note the giant fiddle)
Captain "Bill" Morgan, that is
Smile real big like this
Trinity and Dana - Trinity helps us a lot - Thanks Trinity!
Ron Pack jammed with us at Roxie's
Our good friend Jack came to see us at Roxie's Roost in Tahlequah
Tami, Becky and friends celebrate Tami's birthday! Thanks for spending it with us!
Jason (from Red Eye Gravy) and Julie hangin' at Roxie's
Vince and his buddies enjoy a few cold brews
This stage has grown since we were last here!
Devonde, Marcie, Paula and another friend danced at Roxies!
Havin' a good time at Barnacle Bill's!
Ladies and Gentlemen, The Barnacle Bill Dancers!
We LOVE Muskogee's Wild Card Band!
Ain't She Sweet!
Yeah, that chili was pretty good, but man! Those ribs!
you got a '57 Tele? This is a '21 Maytag!
Rentiesville Blues Festival '07