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Muskogee's Wild Card Band: Press

You guys were loved at our wedding reception. We heard nothing but great things about your band from our guests (even my grouchy dad stayed longer to hear you guys play).
From the youngest to the oldest, all were throughly entertained from the first song to the very last. You helped to make our wedding reception an event that many will not forget anytime soon.
Looking forward to catching you guys whenever you come back to Tahlequah.
We also agree that you guys are by far the best band we have ever heard at that type of party and we were impressed with how you adapted the playlist to the guests.
Stacy Leeds-Stewart - Satisfied Customer
This album is all over the place -- in a good way. It's a great album for travelling because each song has it's own unique feel, but never sounds like it belongs on another album. The band said that the album was meant to sound like a live album -- aka 'real playing' -- and they truly accomplished this. The 'one take' sound is something you won't find outside of MWCB. The energy and emotion of live perfomance blended with the clean sound of studio recording makes it a must hear. "The Oklahoma Garden Tractor Puller Association Blues" is a title based off their friends hobby. The track of that name is worth the CD purchase alone -- it feels like an inside joke that YOU are actually in on. I highly recommend it!
You were the house band at the Perryman Ranch in April when Harvard Fox Hounds held a party there. We all thought you were fabulous!!
Barb - Harvard Fox Hounds Club
We really enjoyed your music Friday night! And enjoyed meeting the members of the band! You guys will be perfect for the reception.
Todd Graybill - New Client

My Name is Kristine Stover-Walsh, and I am the director of River Parks Friends. I heard the band play at the Oaks on July 3rd and really enjoyed the selection of great music you played! I'd like to hire your group for some events that River Parks Friends sponsors from time to time at various parks along the river in Tulsa! I'll be in touch!
Kristine Stover-Walsh - River Parks Friends
Wild Card Band,

I was wondering if you all could help my friends and I out with the name of a song you played at Barnacle Bill's on Saturday night of Labor Day weekend.

We went up to Barnacle Bill's and listened to you guys during dinner (it was really fun!) and went back to our campsite and continued to listen from across the lake. Towards the end of the close of the bar you all played some 80's-ish song and none of us could think of the name and IT HAS BEEN DRIVING US CRAZY!!! We recorded ourselves singing it and have replayed it numerous times over the last week for numerous friends and NO ONE can think of the name! Please help!!!!


Meredith - OCD Fan
Did you figure out the song from Barnacle Bill's yet? I'm kind of curious myself!!

Yes!!! Finally i heard it on the was the ending of Layla!!
Meredith - OCD Fan
We heard you play at the Oaks on the 3rd of July this year. You all were so fun...

A friend who was with us that night really enjoyed you, she's having a birthday, and her husband was wondering if you were available to play on Nov 2, about 6:30-9:00?

If so, let me know, and I'll put him in touch with you...
Jennifer - Oaks Country Club
Thank you again for coming. You were my favorite band for our customer appreciation day celebration. I hope we can have you come again soon!
Thanks so much!
Amy - Events Coordinator - Fire Lake Grand Casino
I heard you online on Okla Travel Net. I'm up in NY.
My granddad was from Kellyville. Keep on playing that blues...its good.
I heard you guys play at Kristine's birthday last guys are
great! I'm interested to know if you are available April 18th, 2009?
Laurie - guest
My husband & I were at the Sand Springs casino this evening & heard your band for first time.

You are FANTASTIC, and we enjoyed it very much! Thanks!
Dodie - New Fan
We had our board meeting today and EVERYONE was raving about you guys! GREAT JOB this past weekend at our Valentines British Invasion Party! You guys ROCK! Thank you and GREAT JOB!
Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame
We had such a fantastic time at our wedding reception in December. You guys were great! Everyone was out of their seat dancing. We highly recommend you to all of our friends.
Steven and Erin Goss - Happy Couple
Thank you for the information and invitation to Muskogee! I'll try to make
it if I can.....Good luck to you!

I caught your act last night at the Sand Springs casino, & as always,
enjoyed it very much! I invited my two sisters to come along, and they agree
with me that you guys are just great!

Thanks, and have a wonderful week!
Dodie - Sand Springs
Muskogee's Wild Card Band has been asked to open for Kansas, the
great classic rock and roll band from the 1970's, for a show coming up in
September during the Labor Day weekend. A few members of the Muskogee High
School graduating class of 1979 have generously decided to "pool" their
resources to bring this performance to Muskogee, a first-time visit for
the rock group. The show will take place as a part of the 1979 class' 30
year reunion, and will be held at the Three Forks Harbor and Marina just
east of Muskogee on the Arkansas River.

The class will attend a football game of the Muskogee Roughers versus
an always strong opponent, the Owasso Rams, on Friday night. After the
game, the classmates are planning to begin their reunion "party" at
the Marina, with Muskogee's Wild Card Band scheduled to perform at
11:00 pm Friday night until the last classmate drops (or 3:00 am,
whichever comes first). Wild Card will take the stage once again
Saturday evening as the opening act for the band known for such hits
as "Dust in the Wind", "Carry on My Wayward Son", and "The Point of
Know Return". As the performance is privately funded, no tickets will
be sold to the general public, and the entire Marina facility has been
rented for the weekend by the class of 1979.
I just want to give a shout out to Wild Card this morning - you guys are so awesome, always coming up with another new song and so willing to "share the stage" with your friends - you make the evening a lot of fun!! My friends are always asking when you will be back to Muskogee! And to anyone out there who hasn't heard them, you are missing a "homegrown" treat!! Very talented musicians who know how to have a good time! They're gonna be back in the Saddle Club for New Year's Eve! Plan to stop in and enjoy some classic rock and a few country and blues tunes on Dec 31!
Robin Holloway - Fan (Nov 17, 2012)
Jan Woesner Siler I wish we could come hear you guys play. You saved the day at the Vanessa and Wes Wolverton wedding because when the power went out The Wild Card Band played on!! If we had a DJ that couldn't have happened. You did a wonderful job at our New Years Eve wedding and our dream is to throw a big party on NYE and have you play again. That was the best party ever and people are still talking about it! And it was a year and 3 months ago!!
Jan Siler - Client (Mar 22, 2013)