Eddie Lienhart - Lead and Backing Vocals, Lead, Rythym and Acoustic Guitars, Piano, Synthesizer, Harmonica, Sound Mixing

Hometown - Muskogee, OK - Currently resides in - Muskogee, OK - Eddie plays lead and rythym guitars, keyboards, and harmonica as well as singing lead and backing vocals. A former member of the top forty band Living Country (later Desert Wind), Eddie has shared the stage with many stars from the past who still tour, including Dr. Hook, The Byrds, Spencer Davis, and the Classic Rock All-Stars.

Bill Morgan - Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Upright Bass and Backing Vocals

Hometown - Tahlequah, OK - Currently resides in: Taylor's Ferry, OK. Bill has played with several bands over the years, including Randy Crouch, Jimmy Giles and Blue Fish, as well as performing in Branson, MO and Red Rock Canyon CO with some first rate bluegrass bands. As a member of Cross Wind, a band battle for a recording contract left Bill in a second place position. The winning act included one of country music's most famous singers; a Tulsa boy by the name of Ronnie Dunn.

Johnny Winkle - Lead and Backing Vocals, Drums, Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele & Kazoo

Hometown - Muskogee, OK - Currently resides in: Tulsa, OK - I have been playing music since 2nd grade, and at the age of 11 enrolled in the Muskogee Public Schools Instrumental Music Program. The pinnacle of this education culminated with a vote of "Most Outstanding Jazz Musician" for the senior class of 1979. Time in the U.S. Navy found me traveling coast to coast for training and duty in the Submarine program as a nuclear missile technician. Out of the Navy I went to college and back to music studies under the great Joe Davis at NSU Tahlequah. After receiving a phone call in 1995 from some people looking for a drummer, I left for Ft. Smith, Arkansas to work with a group centered around a young man who was being "groomed" for stardom. Irreconcilable differences with the band manager led to me leaving the project; I later ran into the bass player who had also left; the keyboard player had called it done due to the "manager" as well. The young man, however, eventually got his shot at being a star and made it... his name is Joe Nichols.


This band started in 1997 as a group to fulfill a request for a wedding reception. Over the years it has grown and shrank, served as a rhythm section for other bands, and become an entity we never imagined. We've had the opportunity to travel to Nashville to perform, shared the stage with The Ozark Mountain Daredevils, served as the band for Jim "Dandy" Mangrum of Black Oak Arkansas, received various awards and accolades, and performed for the state legislature and the offices of the governor and lieutenant governor of the great state of Oklahoma!! After all this time we're still very humbled by the opportunities and the accolades we receive, and the continued support of so many venues and fans!