dates are coming along!

With the exception of the cancelling of our 2-21 performance at Roxie's, the dates are coming through and it promises to be another fabulous year. Our salute to the British Invasion was a "smashing" success, and the comments are starting to drift in from the grapevine. We've recieved accolades from the great Rocky Frisco who was in case you didn't know, Rocky is a member of the list of outstanding sidemen responsible for the "Tulsa Sound" of the mid and late sixties through the early to mid seventies that gained so much poularity that Eric Clapton wound up hiring Rocky, amongst many, to record and or perform. Rocky currently performs with several of the artists in Tulsa including Tom Skinner, and was a part of the collaborative production of "The Road to Escondido" by John "J.J." Cale and Calpyon a couple of years ago. We also saw several of our friends from the Muskogee Country Club at the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame that night, as well as some of my classmates from High School. I think we made some new friends there that night as well, and we're looking forward to some residual gigs from our meager efforts there.

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